Due to such a great response to my last post, 21 Kids Activities To Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have decided I would follow it up with 21 additional OUTDOOR activities for kids!

Like many parents already know… social distancing at home can be quite the challenge with kids! Getting out of the house and into the fresh air can be refreshing and relaxing!

There are many great outdoor activities for kids… but with many families quarantined and practicing social distancing I figured BACKYARD activities would be the perfect fit!

I also created a FREE PRINTABLE checklist that combines all of my 21 indoor & 21 outdoor activities! Be sure to pin it to your fridge for the next “I’m bored” you hear!

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21 Kids Activities for your Backyard

1. DIY Obstacle Course

The DIY obstacle course is a great way to get kids moving outside! The best thing about it is you can make it as simple or complicated as you want. Even if you have a small backyard you can make it work!

Kids can challenge each other to get through the course… or play for time! Set a timer and have them try to break the record time!

Some obstacle course ideas include:

  • Crab Walk
  • Bear Crawl
  • Hop
  • One-legged run
  • Backpedal
  • Side Shuffle

2. Old School Games

This could be a perfect time to teach your kids some of the classic old school games that we might have tried when we were younger! Here are some of the top old school party games that kids will love to try!

  • Tug Of War – I’m sure almost everyone is familiar with the rules of tug of war… incase you are not, or need a refresher click HERE!
  • Bob for Apples – This is such a hilarious game that many kids will find amusing! Click HERE for instructions on how to play!
  • Red Rover – This game requires at least 6 people to play. So it could be a great game to play as a family! Rules and instructions are HERE!
  • Duck Duck Goose – Toddlers love this game! The rules and instructions can be found HERE!
  • Indian Leg wrestling – This has been around for a long time! Perfect for families to play and get a little competitive! Check out the rules and history of the game HERE!
  • Stick Pull – My sisters and I loved this game! Instructions: Sit on the ground facing another person. Place your feet together with your knees slightly bent. Each person grabs on to a stick (Broomsticks work great) and on the count of 3 the two people will begin to pull the stick. Whoever pulls the other person up wins the game!

3. Foot Races

There are a lot of different versions of foot races! You can get as creative as you want when it comes to racing! Kids love it… and it’s great exercise!

  • Three-Legged Race – One of the popular foot racing games is a three legged race! For instructions and rules click HERE!
  • Spoon and Egg Race – This makes for one hilarious game… but just a bit of advice would be to hard boil your eggs! Check out the instructions HERE!
  • Relay Race – This can be a great option that requires little to no supplies to complete. Have the kids crab walk, bear crawl, hop, back pedal, etc.

4. Photography

Kids love taking pictures! This is a great activity for them to do because they can get as creative as they want when it comes to snapping pictures!

  • Photography challenge – Create a list of items or things kids can find in your yard. Give them a specific amount of time to find as many of these things as they can and have them take a picture of those items. Make it challenging!

5. Toy Wash

Now is the perfect time to have a “Toy Wash”. Make sure to separate the toys that can’t be washed from the others that can. Puts some bins of soapy water outside and have the kids wash their toys in the fresh air! Anything that has batteries, lights up, or makes sound can be washed off with some disinfectant wipes.

6. Science Experiments

There are a bunch of awesome science experiments that you can do with your kids outside. Here are a few that I can think of that kids LOVE!

  • Mentos & Diet Coke – One of the most well known science experiments around! This only require a two liter bottle of diet coke and a pack of mentos! Be careful though… this experiment can get a little intense, but kids will LOVE IT! Click HERE to do it right!
  • Elephant Toothpaste – This is a classic experiment that kids love! The instructions for creating elephant toothpaste are HERE!
  • Melon-Cano – This is a typical baking soda & vinegar reaction! The perk is the treat you get to share before you start the experiment! Pick out any type of melon. I prefer to use a smaller watermelon or cantaloupe.

    Cut a small hole out of the top of the melon… just like you do when you begin to carve a pumpkin! (The smaller you make the hole the better) I use a melon baller to extract the fruit from the melon. (Put all the fruit in a separate bowl to eat)

    After you have hollowed out the melon, place about 1/2 cup of baking soda into the melon. Then put about a tablespoon of dish soap inside. Pour a few cups of vinegar into the hole and watch the magic happen!

    This can get messy so make sure to do this OUTSIDE!

7. Chalk Contest

This is very simple but can be a great activity for kids to get outside and off the T.V. You can look up simple images through Google, or find chalk drawing tutorials on Youtube!

  • Play a Pictionary game with chalk by writing down simple items that are easy to draw on the sidewalk… and place the ideas in a hat to draw from! Make teams… the team that guesses the most pictures correctly wins!

8. Plant a Garden

Many of us do not have the luxury of having a space in our yard for a garden to grow. BUT we can still plant something in a pot or two! This is a great activity for kids to learn how to do. It also gives them some responsibility each day to water the plants!

9. DIY Giant Bubbles

Bubbles are a great activity for younger kids! Giant bubbles, however, can be a fun activity for older kids to do as well! Have a contest to see who can make the biggest bubble.

2 quarts of water (about a pitcher full)
3/4 cups dish soap
3/4 cups of corn starch
1 heaping tablespoon of baking powder
1 heaping tablespoon of glycerine

In a large bowl mix the corn starch and water together. After most of the corn starch is dissolved, CAREFULLY mix the rest of the ingredients in. Pour the mixture into a baking sheet or casserole dish. Let bubble solution sit for at least 2 hours.

Creating a bubble wand:
There are a lot of different ways to create a giant bubble wand. The easiest is to put some yarn through two straws and tie a knot to create a giant loop! The bigger the loop… the bigger the bubbles can get! I make mine just a little bigger than the circumference of a basketball!

10. Car Wash

Believe it or not kids love washing the car! Of course parents end up doing the majority of the work with little kids helping, but this is a great opportunity to get out of the house and do some thing FUN and productive!

11. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a classic that kids love to play! Put a spin on it.. and make this game a little more challenging for older kids. This is great for kids to work on coordination skills and to challenge their athletic abilities! Check out how to play HERE!

12. Nature Walk

Teach your kids about the different trees, plants, flowers, etc. around the yard. Have them collect their favorite leafs, rocks, and other finds. You can also make a list of things that they can search for in the yard. My son loves spotting lizards here in Southern Utah, so this is a great activity for him… and will be for other kids as well!

13. 4 Square

4 Square is anther favorite! This is a great family activity that kids can learn with ease! Use some chalk to draw your 4 square lines in the driveway. Click HERE to check out how to play and for other variations that you can try out as well!

14. Campout

Kids love camping! Build a fort outside… or bust out the tent and set up their own little camp site that they can play in! They can spend the night under the stars if it is warm enough where you live! Have them take a book outside and read in the tent… there is something therapeutic about reading outside!

15. Yard Games

Yard games are another perfect activity for kids as well! Some of the most popular yard games include:

DIY & Crafts has some great ideas as well! Check out their website for 35 Genius Yard Games that kids will LOVE!

16. Rock Painting

Search for some nice smooth rocks that would make for a perfect canvas! Have the kids paint an image on the rocks… or write something they want to remember. Color Made Happy has an awesome post contenting rock painting ideas for kids! Check it out HERE!

17. Water Fight

Water fights make for some of the best childhood memories! If it is warm enough where you live then this would be the perfect activity that kids will LOVE!

Here are some of my favorite “Water Fight Toys”

18. Roast Off

Some of my favorite childhood memories come from roasting marshmallows in my backyard with my family! This may not be possible for many families if there is no room for building a fire pit… but even a BBQ or gas stove can be a perfect alternative!

19. Fly a kite

Kids love flying kites! Everyone is pretty familiar with this activity!

There is one recommendation that makes flying kites EXTRA FUN for kids… and it’s flying with a FISHING POLE! This might sound crazy but it is really easy for kids to fly kites while holding on to their fishing pole. They also love it because the kite can go extra high!

20. Learn a new sport

I grew up in a family where sports was one of our greatest passions! I gravitated towards volleyball as I watched my 4 older sisters compete in volleyball tournaments almost every weekend! One of my favorite things to do with my 2 year old son is to teach him how to pass and hit the volleyball the right way.

This is a great time to for parents to teach their kids how to play a sport! Youtube can be a great source for kids as well to learn new tricks and moves! Here are some great ideas for kids:

  • pass a volleyball
  • play catch
  • shoot a basketball
  • throw a football
  • kick a soccer ball
  • putt a golfball
  • play catch with a baseball/softball
  • swing a tennis racquet

21. Have a picnic

Kids love to help in the kitchen! This is a great opportunity to have a picnic while the kids help create their own picnic lunch! Find a shady tree and lay out a blanket for the perfect family picnic!