Every kid loves a good sensory activity, but parents don’t always love the set up. Luckily, these four sensory activities are not only easy but they use things that you already have around your house. YAY!

Before I list the 4 activities lets talk about sensory activities and why they are important.

What are sensory activities?

Sensory activities are any activities that help your child explore their senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight). The most common sensory activities are focused on the tactile sense (touch), but it can be fun to mix a few senses in one activity! Like I said above sensory activites don’t have to be extravagent to be fun.

Why are sensory activities important?

Sensory activities are important for many reasons. They encourage kids to explore and discover. Sensory activities can even help develop nerve connections in the brain, motor skills, and problem solving.

4 Simple Sensory Activities

1. Colorful Water Sensory Activity

For this activity you will need a few clear containers (plastic water bottles & cups), water, food color, towel and a cookie sheet.

Refill a few plastic water bottles and a clear plastic cup with water. Add a couple of drops of food color in each container of water and stir or shake. Lay a towel down with the cookie sheet on top. Place the water containers on the cookie sheet and add a few empty containers. This allows your child to pour water from one container to another. Let them start exploring.

I reminded my little guy that it was okay if he spilled because this was just a fun activity. I wanted to avoid him getting upset if he did and it worked!

2. Flour Sensory Activity

For this activity you will need a few cups of flour, paintbrush, tractor (or other flour friendly toys), and a cookie sheet.

Pro tip: A bin in place of a cookie sheet would have been better at containing the flour, but I didn’t have one. Or place a sheet under the cookie sheet for a quick clean up! Even with out those it still worked great I just had some extra sweeping to do after.

This one is the EASIEST to set up! Scoop a few cups of flour on a cookie sheet and add a few fun “tools.” I put a paintbrush, a toy tractor and toys cars on the cookies sheet for my son to use in the flour.

When you are finished save the flour in a ziplock baggie and reuse it for the next time!

3. Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Activity

For this activity you will need cooked spaghetti, liquid food coloring, bowls, Pam, and a cookie sheet.

Place the noodles in separate bowls (I did 4 different colors, so I used 4 bowls) and add a few drops of food coloring. Spray a small amount of Pam on the spaghetti before stiring. This will keep the noodles from sticking together. After getting the color mixed in place the noodles on a cookie sheet. I also included a plastic knife to cut noodles and a cup with a lid that has a hole for the a straw to feed the noodles into.

You can avoid the steps of adding color and just do plain noodles, but I thought the colors would be fun and would encourage the sense of sight.

When you are ready to clean up save the noodles in a ziploc bag in the fridge. This allows you to get at least one more day of play out of them. Just warm them up in your microwave for about 30 seconds before playing with them again.

4. Jello Sensory Activity

This one was by far one of my child’s favorite activities. Probably because it was also a yummy snack! For this activity you will need to make finger jello (I recommend doing at least 3 packs of jello and cut the water in half to make it more firm than regular jello), a cookie sheet, and some “tools” (cookie cutters, plastic knife, play dough cutter, etc.).

Once the jello is set flip it upside down onto a cookie sheet. Use a rubber scrapper to loosen the edges before flipping it over. Add some things to the cookie sheet your child can use to explore with the jello.

I hope you and your child have some fun with these sensory activities! Feel free to leave a comment below or tag us in your social media posts when you try it out @teachertohome.

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