If you are like me you’ve been seeing so many cute tie dye shirts and sets making a come back! I originally wanted to do a tie dye sweat suit for my little guy, but since we live in southern Utah and its already hitting in the 100 degrees here we wouldn’t get much use out of it. So, I settled for a T- shirt and loved how it turned out. I also love when I can make something instead of buying it because it gives Emmitt and I a new activity to try!

At first I thought this activity would be tricky for my 2 year old but once we got started it wasn’t too bad. Of course some steps he couldn’t help me with but I had him help me with as many steps as he could! (Including the shopping, clean up and washing!) His favorite step was obviously adding the dye to the shirts!

I picked up most of my supplies at our local Michaels but I will link the same things (or something similar) here through amazon.

Here is what I used:

DIY Tie Dye Steps:

  • Fill up the squirt bottles with water, dye and soap. My bottles were pretty small (8 oz) so I did a small drop of dish soap, about a tablespoon of dye, and filled the rest with water. *I would even do less dye next time for more pastel colors.

  • Lay the shirt flat, pinch the shirt in the middle and then twist your shirt into a circle. Place rubber bands around it to keep it in that shape.

  • Soak the shirt in cold water.

  • Squeeze the dye all over the shirt. Make sure to move the squirt nozzle deep into the shirt to ensure the dye gets to the middle.

  • Place the shirt in a grocery bag and let it sit for 24 hours. (Wash sooner if you want the colors to be less vibrant.)
  • Wash shirt with warm water and with little or no detergent. Dry and ta-da you’ve made your own tie dye shirt!

This was such an easy and fun activity for us, so I hope you guys give it a try too!

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