Educational toys for toddlers are a great way to help further their development at such a critical age.

The way kids choose to play can influence their love for learning. Infants begin with observational learning. This starts with listening to conversations to understand different tones of voice, facial expressions and body language. With time, kids begin to mimic what they’ve learned.

I bet you have heard the phrase, “kids are like sponges”. They really do soak in ALL types of information (good and bad alike). These prime toddler years are a perfect time for parents to promote positive and fun learning opportunities at home.


There is one thing that every toddler has in common: their love for PLAYTIME!

Creating FUN educational play can seem like a daunting task. When adults hear the word “educational” we tend to think of strenuous brain workouts that leave us feeling mentaly worn out. However, keep in mind that toddlers are CONSTANTLY LEARNING!

The gears in their heads are constantly turning. Their imaginations are endless. Just think about it… Many of us spend so much money on a nice shiny toy only to have our little ones choose to play with a plastic spork they found in the garbage. (possible Toy Story 4 reference?)

So… What’s my point?

If toddlers love to play and are constantly learning, then it only makes sense to give them toys that make it easy for them to do both. There are educational toys to help promote FUN LEARNING!

Here are my top 3 toys that help toddlers continue to learn in FUN ways!

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1. Puzzles

Toddlers love playing with puzzles! Although some of the puzzles seem a bit complicated for young toddlers, many parents would be surprised at how fast they learn. My 2 year old has both of the puzzles shown in the images above and has loved them.

Puzzles can help in multiple areas of brain development including:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Shape Recognition
  • Memory

Specific puzzles like those shown above can also help in specific areas.

The ABC puzzle (shown in the image above) not only helps young children begin to learn their ABC’s but can also help with color recognition.

The Farm Animal puzzle (shown in the image above) helps toddlers learn common farm animals based on shape recognition.

Tip: The one downside of puzzles is that pieces can disappear over time. To fix this consider using these awesome toy storage bags to keep the puzzle pieces safe and together. You can also use regular zip loc baggies as well.

These puzzles can be purchased on Amazon and could be found below:

  1. To purchase the ABC Puzzle click HERE!
  2. To purchase the Farm Animal Puzzle click HERE!
  3. To purchase Storage Bags for Puzzle Pieces click HERE!

2. Building Blocks

Building Bocks can be one of the most helpful learning toys for toddlers. Building blocks are generally thought of as an old school toy but technology has only increased the interest of building blocks to toddlers.

Here are a few reasons kids can benefit from playing with building blocks:

  • Increases Problem Solving Skills
  • Challenges Imagination
  • Introduces them to Simple Mathematical Laws (Geometry and Physics)
  • Increases Creativity
  • Emphasizes Critical Thinking Skills
  • Increases Fine Motor Skills
  • Teaches the value of Persistence and Patience

There are so many different kinds of building blocks that can be purchased or even created at home. I recommend two different brands that my toddler has loved and that seem to be the best that I have come across.

First Builders Big Building Bag (image on the left) is great for young toddler. They are a larger version of legos which makes it easy for young children to connect them together.

These blocks can be built to support large towers or used for small structures. The storage bag it comes with is a plus as well. There is nothing worse than a million building blocks all over the house!

PicassoTiles (image on the right) are flat tiles of various shapes that have strong magnets inside the edges. These tiles are super durable so you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone swallowing a magnet!

Kids love building structures with these tiles and won’t have any issues coming up with new creative designs each time they play. PicassoTiles are pricey but are well worth every penny. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

These products are both sold on Amazon.

  1. To purchase First Builders Big Building Bag click HERE!
  2. To purchase PicassoTiles click HERE!

3. Boogie Boards

What is a Boogie Board? You probably remember the classic Etch a Sketch toy that us adults use to play with growing up. The small red magnetic drawing board that nobody could really draw anything on! Well… a Boogie Board is the newer version of that but with the capability of actually drawing what you want!

Boogie Boards are great for toddlers for many reasons including:

  • Promotes Creative Expression
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Artistic Imagination
  • Environmentally Friendly

Boogie Boards are perfect toys for quiet moments as well. These can be used for car rides, church services, doctors appointments, etc. All parents find themselves in moments where they need to keep their small child entertained and this toy is the perfect solution.

The Etch A Sketch Boogie Board (image on the left) is great for toddlers. It comes with 2 double sided stamps. Just like the original Etch A Sketch the image easily erases when shaken. I would recommend this product for any parent with a 1-2 year old.

The Play and Sketch Boogie Board (image on the right) is great for toddlers and older children as well. This Boogie Board can be used to make all sorts of artistic images and other educational purposes.

Both of these Boogies Boards are sold on Amazon.

  1. To purchase the Etch A Sketch Boogie Board click HERE!
  2. To purchase the Play and Sketch Boogie Board click HERE!

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