Starting at a young age, students will explore the subject of geography. Although this might sound complex for kids so young, simple activities can make it FUN.

This activity highlights the different regions throughout the world. The book, This Is the Way We Go to School, helps kids understand the different places kids live throughout the world, and the possible ways that each of them get to school.

Kids can explore a simple map in order to further understand the concept of geography. By using the list given to them in this book, they can locate different countries, states, and even cities to help their geography skills.

This simple and FUN activity will not only help when it’s time to learn about geography in the classroom, but also help them make connections socially.

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Supplies Needed:

How it works!

  1. Have your child read the book, This Is the Way We Go to School.
  2. Print out the Blank World Map worksheet. Cut and glue the correct Continents and Oceans to the map. (Use a globe or simple world map as a guide).
  3. Search the globe/simple world map for the various places that each child lives. (There is a list towards the end of the book that makes this easier).
  4. Kids can make a list in order to keep track of where each character from the book lives. (They can also write their name next to their living location on the blank map)

You can take this activity one step further:

EXPLAIN to your kids the things you know about the different places they have pin pointed throughout the world. Share only positive opinions about each culture. Remember… what they hear their parents say is what they will later mimic to everyone else they come into contact with!

For example: if they read about a boy named Peter from England you can explain to them that England has a royal family. The queen spends a lot of time at the Buckingham Palace. You might even want to look up a picture of the Buckingham Palace. Little visuals can go a long way to help kids remember any kind of information.

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