This Color Sort Rainbow Activitiy is perfect for parents to try out with their own kids at home OR for teachers because it is super LOW PREP!

This FUN & SIMPLE kids activity is fun for this time of year! With spring time approaching quickly and St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, this rainbow color sorting activity will be a HUGE hit!

Teaching colors can be difficult without engaging activities like this one! Incorporating colorful candies like Skittles can serve as a perfect incentive to help kids finish what they started!

The best part about this learning activity? It’s so SIMPLE and YUMMY! Our FREE Printable and Skittles is all it takes!

Parents can limit screen time and watch their cute little ones develop a love for learning by creating their own Skittle Rainbow!

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How it works!

Start by pointing out each color of the rainbow to your child. Make sure they understand the difference between each color.

Have them choose a Skittle and identify the color. Then have them match that color of skittle to the correct color on the rainbow. Have them fill up the rainbow with as many skittles as they can!

Depending on your child’s ability they can fill up the entire rainbow independently or if color sorting is a new skill for them give them as much support as they need.

Once they have filled up the rainbow you can reward them with Skittles!

I hope your kids enjoy this activity as much as my little toddler did! Make sure to comment below or tag us in your social media posts so we can see the FUN!

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