Spring Rhyming Activity for Preschoolers at Home.

When kids master the art of rhyming they are unlocking a HUGE variety of language skills. Reading, writing, speaking, spelling & singing just to name some!

Learning to rhyme helps in the development of phonological awareness. Which is essential to a child’s ability to develop language skills.

Many children’s books use “rhyme scheme” (a specific style of writing) because it brings a natural rhythm and flow that kids love! Many adults find this style amusing as well… like music we listen to on the radio, inspirational quotes, and books we read!

Teaching the concept of rhyming usually starts around the ages of preschool and/or kindergarten. However, kids develop at different rates so many parents can introduce this concept earlier if they want.

This activity comes with a FREE Printable as well… so prepping at home is kept to the bare minimum! Let’s be honest… that is one of the worst parts of the job as an elementary teacher!

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Spring Rhyming Activity

Start with a Book!

I LOVE to start learning activities with a book! It is the perfect way to get kids focused and locked in to the “learning mode!”

Just about every child’s book contains great examples of rhyming words!

Here are some of favorite books to read before introducing the concept of rhyming:

Just about everyone has a Dr. Suess book lying around somewhere… those are also great examples of rhyming words!

Point out the words that rhyme as you read the book!

FREE Rhyming Printable

This printable is simple but will help reinforce the concept of rhyming words!

Cut out the flowers and sort them according the word that rhymes on each jar.

I have also created a blank copy that you can edit with whatever words you want to add.

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Rhyming Activity FREE printables. Color, Black and White, and Editable Options.

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